Coffee, Coffee and More Nespresso Coffee!

My husband hit the spot with this present. Nearly every day I have made myself a cappuccino or espresso.

Well, I realised almost immediately that I needed to buy more coffee pods for it, so off I went  shopping one lunchtime. I headed to a Nespresso stockist, only to discover that you can only buy Nespresso pods from a Nespresso shop or from Nespresso online 😦 I was very disappointed by this. They did say that Nespresso had been challenged and now compatible pods were available, so I decided to try the Dualit compatible decafinated ones. After all my nearest Nespresso shop from Leeds is in the Trafford Centre.

Back home, I excitedly tried by new pods but I was disappointed with the coffee taste. I’m not going to try these again, so I had no choice but to buy on line and be charged £4.95 for delivery. As my husband said, it would cost a lot in petrol to drive to the Trafford Centre. On a Sunday evening I ordered Ristretto, Decaffeinato Intenso and Decaffeinato Lungo. Lungo so my dad can enjoy lattes in my home. Amazingly, my 50 pods arrived on Tuesday, all nicely wrapped. I was suitably impressed.

Image 2

Now I have enjoyed lots of cappuccinos and loving working from home on a Wednesday afternoon with a cappuccino next to me. Indulgent!

Today I tried Roma from my selection to try that came with my Nespresso machine. I will add it to my shopping basket next time I need to order. I have read it is a good one to pour over ice cream. I must try this out some time. I do want to go to the shop and have some different coffees demonstrated to me. I am sure we will make a trip across the Penines soon as my dad’s girl friend lives in South Manchester and a stop off at the Trafford Centre will have to be included.

Image 1

A Hello from me

It’s my birthday today 🙂

I have made it to 41!

Life’s good – I have a wonderful husband of 8 years and a 13 month old daughter. 

So today, as I sit on a train back home after a fabulous weekend in London, I thought that I would start a blog. A blog about my life as a working mummy. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting, maybe occasionally funny and sometimes get some tips that I can share.