A new local restaurant we can walk to – Amici Restaurant

A new restaurant has appeared on the local scene. We have watched an empty shop that had been empty for a while, slowly becoming a new Italian restaurant,  following the closure of a Chinese restaurant that had been on the spot for years. We were excited as it would be a restaurant that we could walk to in less than 10 minutes.The worth was that we would have too high expectations that wouldnt be met.

Anyway, I booked for the three of us to try it on a a Saturday evening at 5pm. How things have changed now we have a child!

Off we wandered to the restaurant. It took us all of 7 minutes to get there. We were cordially welcomed to the restaurant and thankfully weren’t the only people there, always a worry when you go to eat dinner at 5pm.

The restaurant isn’t posh but you would definitely call it smart. I felt like I’d really gone out for the evening.

Photo courtesy of Amici's facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Amici’s facebook page

My daughter was given a highchair and it is obviously family friendly by the number of families eating at the same time as us and the lovely way that the waiters were with my daughter and I could see with other children. It makes for such a relaxing meal, when you know that a restaurant likes children. They don’t have a children’s menu but happily made penne with a tomato sauce for my daughter that is not on the menu.

Everything that we ate was delicious. We all shared a pizza garlic bread with tomato for our starter and that slipped down a treat with all three of us. I ordered Casarecce alla Siciliana “Homemade regional pasta shapes, served with aubergines, rustic tomato sauce, basil and ricotta cheese”. I love eating aubergines when I am out as my husband doesn’t like them and my daughter is allergic to them, so it is always a treat for me but more so when it is tasty. My husband chose Tagliatelle della Nonna – tagliatelle with a creamy sauce and chicken. He said that this was yummy too. We ordered a side salad of tomatoes and onions. I have known this not to be made well in some restaurants but here it was perfect.

We decided to have desert too. Both my husband and I chose ice cream. The ice cream was lovely my only minor complaint was that the portions were too large!

To drink, I had a glass of red wine and it was lovely to find that real care had been put in to choosing the house wine. It may be the cheapest on offer but no one wants it to be a rubbish glass of wine. It was a lovely glass of wine to have with my meal.

My only very minor complaint would be the table was small. I know that restaurants need to manage their bookings but a small table with an investigative 1  year old is a challenge. We had to spend time moving things out of arms way, often on to the floor. This wouldn’t stop us from returning though.

We now have a fabulous, local italian restaurant that is family friendly that we can walk to. Now we just need to return regularly to make sure that we don’t loose it.

Oh, and the prices are pretty reasonable too.



Babywearing – Good for mummy, good for daddy, good for my daughter’s social skills!


We’d always decided to buy a baby carrier as part of preparing for my daughters arrival. Along with a pram is was part of the kit we wanted. We saw it as practical at the time but didn’t understand all the wonderful benefits it would bring to all of us. Devout baby wearers will start wagging fingers at me when I say that our first carrier was a Baby Bjorn Miracle. They will say that I was harming my daughters hips, as the ‘M’ position is much more ergonomically correct. I would say, if you have no known hip problems, it is fine to use (personal opinion based on my reading of articles and knowing that there is no peer reviewed research on it out there yet) and for us helped us immensely to cope with hours of crying from Colic. I didn’t get on with the Baby Bjorn and moved on to a stretchy Kari Me Wrap. Today at nearly 14 months we both mainly use a Boba 3G soft structured carrier, along with the other 5 different slings and carriers that I now own. I may have gotten the baby wearing bug!

Now we as parents love carrying our daughter. Getting a hug in a carrier is fantastic and being close enough to kiss means she receives lots of kisses from us. Not having a bulky buggy in a shop or restaurant is a godsend, but what I’ve really noticed over the months of wearing her, is how social she can be. When we are in a shop and she can smile and interact with a shop assistants. When we walked past the Ritz hotel in London, she waved at the door man and he waved back. Bumping in to a work colleague, they could both have a proper “conversation”, without someone having to bend down and pear in to the pushchair. People notice her and chat to her, smile and wave, she smiles and waves back. It is so lovely to see and helps her to be a more social child too.