The Only Downside to being a Mummy to a Toddler – Continually Getting Ill

I write this while tucked up in bed poorly. Now, I love my daughter. I wouldn’t swap her for the world. Watching her learn different things week by week is amazing and you can’t help but feel happy after receiving a smile or hug from her. Unfortunately, she reserves kisses for people other than mummy and daddy just at the moment.

What I would swap though is being ill. Particularly since she has been at the child minders she has bought cold after cold back home as a lovely present for mummy. Vitamin C and Zinc tablets and Manuka honey have helped to take the edge off the cold but hasn’t kept them away.

To top off two colds since Xmas, I have now picked up a bug that was being shared around at work. Can’t blame my daughter this time but one day being well between a cold and this is so annoying.

I know that her immune system will improve and she will gradually bring less and less of these unwanted gifts home to us. I just want it to improve soon!


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