I’m a Mummy, I love it but Me Time is Important Too

I always wanted children and my daughter is very important in my life but a bit of me time is needed from time to time. It makes you feel like you and refreshes the battery when you return to your family.

However you manage some me time doesn’t matter. You could:
1. Have a long soak in the bath.
2. Go to the hairdressers/beauticians.
3. Go out to the theatre or cinema with Friends.
4. Go shopping without your little one in tow.
5. Go for a walk by yourself or walk your dog.
Or like me this weekend…
6. Meet up with some great friends in another City for a spa break. Shopping, massage, hot tub, food, drink and chat.

I have just had a lovely weekend away. It was my first night spent away from my daughter and I left her feeling sad and that I didn’t want to go but after meeting up with my friends, I started to remember why I wanted to go away and began to enjoy my me time. It’s not that I didn’t think about her or my husband who was looking after her but I was able to enjoy having some adult, non mummy fun, stay up later than usual, have a drink without having to think too much about how I’d feel the next day and have a lie in.

No one should feel guilty about doing this from time to time. Every one should find a way to have some me time. Whether it is 30 minutes or over night like my weekend.

The best thing about my me time this weekend, is the welcome home I’ll receive from both my husband and daughter.

Not forgetting that mummy me time can also be daddy and child bonding/fun time too.


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