Mother’s Day

imageI don’t need Mother’s Day really. My daughter hugs me and shows that she loves me every day but it’s nice to have a day where you are spoilt just a little bit more.

My husband is one of those who remembers Mother’s Day for me and his step mum (for readers who don’t know both of our mum’s are no longer with us). I don’t know if my hints over recent weeks have helped too.

So this morning, my 18 month old toddled around the bed to hand me a card and gifts. It was so adorable to have her come and give me it all. I am a lucky lady who received  a mummy day card and voucher for a massage, along with a framed photo and card made at the childminder’s. My daughter has also booked a table at our local Italian restaurant for dinner. I am being extremely spoilt today!

Best of all today is about remembering how lucky I am to be a mummy. Something that I had always wanted to be and now I am so lucky and priviledged to be the mummy to my daughter.

At the same time I spend a little bit of time remembering my own mother who passed away in 1997. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my wonderful mother, who loved me and my sister unconditionally, was amazing at time management, was creative and cooked fabulous meals. I will always miss her and miss that she is not around to see her granddaughter.

Above all today should be about remembering what a wonderful and important job being a mother is.


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