Cheeky Wipes

Some of my well used Cheeky Wipes

Some of my well used Cheeky Wipes

Having used Cheeky wipes since my daughter came home from hospital 19 months ago, I think this review is overdue.

Readers already know that I use cloth nappies and I think reusable wipes compliment them nicely. I also think that people who want to do a bit for the environment but don’t think cloth nappies are for them can use these with disposable nappies.

I discovered them at The Baby Show at the NEC when I was pregnant in 2012, so got a good show offer on a set. I got a clean box and a mucky box with net. Essential oil for the clean nappies and another for the mucky nappies.

They are amazing. They give so much traction so I never need more than two to clean poo off a bottom. When ever I have used disposable wipes I always seem to need more.

To top it all I like that less chemicals are going in my daughters bottom. Put it this way a few years ago my mother in law suggested baby wipes for cleaning marks off walls, so I thought why would I use these on a babies bottom if they are good for cleaning!

Cheeky wipes take up very little extra room in your washing machine, so you really can also feel like you are doing your little bit for the environment too and are saving money. If you have a small wet bag, you can even take them out and about with you. They don’t take up much more room than disposable wipes.

As I use cloth nappies I have stopped using the mucky wipes box and just throw them in the dirty nappy bucket. It’s much easier. They sell a set without the mucky box now for cloth nappy users these days too.

We liked them so much, we bought cheeky wipes for faces and hands when my daughter started weaning and the adults of the house use them too.

They can be bought from and if you follow them on Facebook, every so often a discount code is offered.