Pouch Sling – Not Popular But Worth Having In Your Stash

Pouch Slings are not popular. This is because they became unfairly associated with bag slings. Also, the sizing can be difficult and confusing for people

Bucking the sling trends, I have to own up to loving mine. Last year when I started going to The West Yorkshire Sling Library, a pouch sling was mentioned to me. I didn’t think I needed one at all but Nicola talked about hip carrying at 7 months and later their use for quick up and downs, together with how small they fold up for carrying about.  I tried one on and could see that it could be useful. Added that it was only going to cost me around £20 second hand, I thought that I’d get one. At the sling library I tried a size 2 Hotsling on with her weighted doll. It seemed to fit me but I should have been suspicious as I’m bigger than Nicola. She had explained that Hotslings had stopped making single sized pouches as there were just too many sizes and colour options to make and retail. They had changed to adjustable ones that she didn’t like as much. Although I can not remember why.

Off to to ebay I went. Size 2 eventually ordered from the US. I was, however, surprised at how many US individuals would not mail to the UK. I excitedly waited for my pretty package. Tried it on and it was too small. Boo hoo. I resold this on a Facebook sling group. Not the easiest sling to sell but there was a taker. Then I went the opposite way and bought a size 3 and 4.  Panicked, despite thinking a 3 would be fine. It was. More reselling to be done.


Well I have had my pouch sling for nearly 18 months. It is incredibly small when folded up, so great for taking out and about and has been an up and down life saver for me. Especially earlier on when we had late afternoon melt downs.

I found great videos on you tube to help me make sure I used this correctly and that I could make sure it is comfortable for both of us too. Your local sling library should also be able to give you advice if you find you are struggling with your new sling.

For some unknown reason, I find this easier to use than a ring sling and much more comfortable.

I must add, I have only used mine for hip carries.

Don’t dismiss the cheap, handy and useful pouch. You may find it an added bonus to your sling collection.






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