It’s Cold Season!

This is the feel sorry for me post. Ha Ha!

I love my daughter but I don’t love the colds she keeps so kindly sharing with me. I know that the only way to prevent this, is to keep her at home and never go out but that would prevent her becoming the person that she is – friendly, confident, inquisitive.

In a few years this will be a period in time that I have forgotten and whilst colds are not the worst thing in the world to have, they are horrible whilst they have a grip on you. Paracetamol, hot drinks and throat sweets help you through it but don’t elivuate all the symtoms. I do try to take zinc and vitamin C tablets and a Manuka honey. I have had some success with this in the past but don’t think I started early enough this time with my prevention treatments.

My cold arsenal is always:


Hot Ribena,

Kleenex Balsam Tissues,

Halls Soothers,

Zinc and Vit C tablets, and

Manuka 10+ Honey

Well there is about 7 months to go till we get to the warmer weather, when the chance of getting a cold decreases. Until then, I can only hope that she leaves it a little bit longer this time before sharing again.