Not all Coffee Pods are Equal (or an M&S review)



I am in love and my husbands knows and doesn’t mind! My Nespresso coffee machine is 12 months old and it gets used every week. Not many of my kitchen appliances have achieved this and so this is why I love it. I am so glad my husband chose it as my birthday present last year. I now get delicious americanos, lattes and cappuccinos in my own home.

What I also now like, is that these days I don’t only have to buy Nespresso capsules. Now don’t get me wrong, Nespresso capsules are good but I can only buy them online and have to pay postage and packing or wait till we next go to The Trafford Centre. I can now pick various brands up in my local supermarket. The only problem is that until very recently I hadn’t found any apart from Nespresso that I thought were great coffee. I’ve tried Dualit, Cafe Pod and Cafe Direct. None floated my boat like Nespresso, until a few weeks ago.

Enter the nations favourite retailer Marks and Spencer’s in to the capsule market. I reluctantly purchased the three in the photo above on a 3 for 2 offer, hoping that they would be better than the previous Nespresso compatible capsules but not truly believing that these would be any better. I should have known that if any one could do it, M&S could after all they are only brand of¬†decaffinated tea that I like and they have.

There are more in the range than I have tried but these three suit my coffee tastes.

Lazy Weekend is a strong coffee with a mellow, rounded flavour. I like this as an americano or latte.

Columbian, well it’s great to have a Colombian in the range as I have drunk Columbian fresh coffee for years.

House Decaf is a good decaf coffee. One that properly tastes of coffee. I have enjoyed cappucinos with this..

It’s fair trade too.

Finally, a worthy rival to Nespresso. Give it a try if you are looking for a Nespresso capsule alternative or just good coffee.