The Resiliance of Toddlers


Having recently been in hospital for a hysterectomy following on from a Cancer diagnosis, I have learnt how resilient Toddlers are.

I worried before I went in to hospital about how my 2 year old daughter would cope. Who would look after her when my husband came to visit me? After all visiting time falls right across a toddlers bedtime. Who would look after her when I normally did and then who would still be able to visit me? Should she come to visit me in hospital?

I wouldn’t be a good mummy if I didn’t worry but I needn’t have. Not only did people rally round and offer help, but toddlers understand more than you think and get with it very quickly.

My daughter did not bat an eyelid that a different person – grandparents, Aunty, friends – bathed and put her to bed each night. In fact, I think she thought it was great, getting to see family and friends when she wouldn’t normally. No fuss caused by her either. When my husband reported this to me in hospital, it made me relax. Knowing she was ok meant that I could forget about her and get on with getting better.

In the end she never visited me in hospital. I had post op complications and didn’t feel up to a toddler visiting me.

When I got home, she very quickly understood that mummy couldn’t pick her up and was fine with that. The fact that mummy was around was enough. We had work arounds too. If she joined me in my bed, then I could still read her bedtime stories. When I was able to sit back on the sofa, she worked out how to climb on me to sit on my knee. A step helped her to climb on to my bed or a dining chair.

The only things I couldn’t find an alternative for was putting her in the car seat, bath or cot. For this my husband or family or friend were on hand to help and she has never moaned when I have said that I can’t do something. In fact she often says “I’m heavy.”

I will shortly be able to lift her again and both her and I will not need to rely on others help any more but it’s good to know that none of this seems to have affected her. I’m sure having a routine kept the same with lots of love from people help a lot.


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