Being Mummy – The Best and Worst Job in the World

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It’s Mother’s Day. That day once a year, when we take time to appreciate our mothers.

Mine died 18 years ago, so until my daughter came along this was a sad day for me. Now I’m a mummy to a 2.5 year old and can enjoy this day again.


Today my daughter is under the weather and has needed more carrying cuddles than usual. She is a keen walker these days, so there aren’t as many of these opportunities these days. This has reminded me about how much I love being a mummy but also how hard it has also been.

Mother's Day

I may have gone in to motherhood with rose tinted glasses on (most of us probably do) but I soon got to see the not so great and difficult times as a mother too. The heartache of your day old baby going in an incubator due to an infection, the not knowing what to do with a crying, colicky baby, the sleepless nights, the painful breastfeeding, the weaning worry, going back to work after maternity leave sadness, not settling in to the child minders worry, toddler tantrums and lows (and highs) of potty training.

Time ebbs most of this away and there are more happy mother and child moments than sad / difficult on. Like a toddler coming to me this morning with a bag saying Happy Mother’s Day  and clapping mummy when I’ve done a wee ( you can tell we are potty training). Watching a baby develop and gradually learn new things and knowing that they are becoming what they are because of the time and effort you are putting in. The first time they smile, kiss you and tell you that they love you. Now that just melts your heart and you realise parenthood is one of the best things in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day


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