To All Fathers on Fathers Day

This is a big thank you to all you fathers out there. 

I quite often read about fathers that don’t do this or that but less often we read about the great ones. 

We have one of those unsung heroes here.   

Daddy and  Daughter 

He looks after our daughter every Monday and they have lots of fun together. Most often it’s fun in the playground. 

He makes sure she is breakfasted and dressed and gets to the childminders 3 days a week. 

He baths her most nights. 

He reads bedtime stories to her (we share this at our toddlers choice).

They laugh, giggle, cuddle, kiss and love each other very much. 

What else could you wish for on this day and any day of the year. 

So HAPPY FATHERS DAY. Keep enjoying sharing your lives with your children.