Toddlers and Allotments

You can’t take her there said my husband. She’ll get bored. 

Well you can and its great for her. What’s not to like about putting on your wellie boots, playing with mud and water that’s collected in a wheelbarrow?

She’s watched ladybirds, helped to plant seeds, picked carrots, potatoes and lettuce and watered plants. Not to forget being able to run around. 

It’s great that she is learning about where food comes from. 

I’m not advocating everybody gets an allotment. It’s a huge time commitment but even just a few plants in your back garden can give little ones enjoyment and teach them where food comes from. 


Coffee Pods from Aldi !?!

 Aldi  Coffee Pods 
I wasn’t expecting Aldi to join the nespresso compatible coffee pod market. I should have guessed it would as it has taken a share of the middle class shopping market away from other supermarkets.

After my very mixed experience of other brands, I wasn’t expecting these to be great but I do use and eat Aldi products and know that most are great. I’d heard that they were only ¬£1.79 for 10. This is a bargain. Definitely worth trying, so I sent my husband off to purchase me their selection.

He came back with three:



Let’s forget taste for now, because they have the annoying habit of sending hot water out of my machine before coffee appears. I do not get this problem with either a Nespresso or M&S coffee pod.

Taste was ok but nothing, not even the price can get away from the hot water issue. I am sticking with M&S pods with the occasional Nespresso ones when I make a trip to the Trafford Centre.

Toddler Toys – 10 that my Daughter Enjoys

1. Toy Kitchen   

Millhouse Wooden Toy Kitchen Whether you choose a wooden or plastic, expensive or cheap most toddlers will find plenty of enjoyment with their own little kitchen. Mine has some pans, fruit, a mixer and kettle to complete hers and she loves making me roasted fruit or strange cakes. I love seeing her imagination taking shape when she is playing with it. Ours in our kitchen, so she also likes to play with it when we are cooking sometimes, which can be helpful. 

2. Pop up House 

 Marks and Spencer Pop Up House 
We don’t have a lot of room in our home, so a pop up house that can be put quickly and put away quickly is great. She loves sitting in it and making tea for her teddies, as well as for mummy and daddy.  We are quite sophisticated here as she offers us cappuccinos alongside cups of tea. 

3. Aquadoodle / Scribbler 

ELC Mini Artist - My First Scribbler 

My daughter is an arts and craft fan, so having these non messy drawing toys is great. They only keep her occupied for short periods of time but she keeps coming back to them regularly. 

4. Stickers

 Paperchase  Cartoonie Stickers 
A toddlers heaven apparently! I keep finding stickers everywhere, especially on me. Great to entertain them in a restaurant or a long journey as well!

5. Train sets

Helping to put the track together and push a train around the track can amuse a toddler for a while but it can amuse grandad too, who is reminded of his childhood as well. It was grandad’s gift to her for her 2nd birthday and grandad and granddaughter enjoy playing with this together. It’s lovely to watch. 

6. Scooter

At 2.5 years old, she is just getting in to  scooting. This is proving to be popular outdoors fun.  We always get her to wear a helmet and this can be a battle ground, so no helmet, no scooter rule has started. 
7. Ball

A simple ball to kick around and play catch with is worth having. This also helps to learn to play with someone. 

8. Simple Board Games


We have found a couple of board games that work perfectly for children this age. They get them in to the beginning of understanding sharing and that you don’t always win, along with counting. What’s in the Fridge? and Fancy Dress Fun have both been a great success here. 
9. Mega Blocks/Duplo 

  Great for using their imagination to make whatever they dream up. We have cows and giraffes built here, alongside straight forward towers. 

10. Musical Instruments

We have lots of fun making music with either her keyboard, drum, maraca or musical bells. She loves telling us when to play and when to stop, as though she is running Rhythm Time that we go to each week.