Coffee Pods from Aldi !?!

 Aldi  Coffee Pods 
I wasn’t expecting Aldi to join the nespresso compatible coffee pod market. I should have guessed it would as it has taken a share of the middle class shopping market away from other supermarkets.

After my very mixed experience of other brands, I wasn’t expecting these to be great but I do use and eat Aldi products and know that most are great. I’d heard that they were only £1.79 for 10. This is a bargain. Definitely worth trying, so I sent my husband off to purchase me their selection.

He came back with three:



Let’s forget taste for now, because they have the annoying habit of sending hot water out of my machine before coffee appears. I do not get this problem with either a Nespresso or M&S coffee pod.

Taste was ok but nothing, not even the price can get away from the hot water issue. I am sticking with M&S pods with the occasional Nespresso ones when I make a trip to the Trafford Centre.


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