Pig and Pastry Cookbook

 Pig and Pastry Cookbook 
Now I love a cookbook. I don’t think I’ve ever written about this fact about me. I can’t help buying and then sometimes, when I realise that I will never cook from it, I say good bye. 

Recently, I bought another one. Well I went to the launch of a new cook book by Steve Holding, owner and chef at the Pig and Pastry cafe in York, with photography done by the very talented Karen Turner (she photographed our wedding in 2005). It was also their annual brunch day (they don’t open on Sunday’s as a rule) to raise money for the Candelighters. This book has been written party because Steve wanted to write one and partly to raise money for The Candelighters charity, who helped Steve and his wife, when their daughter got sick. 

Often books to raise money for charities can look a bit cheap but, this looks better than some of my other cookbooks on my book shelf, so much so, it makes me want to cook from it. Even non cooks, will enjoy looking at the fabulous photos in it. 

Now, I just need to decide what to make from it and go for it!

Should you want to buy a copy for yourself, or maybe someone for Xmas, you can get one here. It’s £20 and, all profits are going to The Candelighters. 

P.S. I’d never been to the Pig and Pastry before, but I have to say the coffee, tea, cakes and toast that we had were delicious and, on their annual brunch day, the atmosphere was great too. If you are in that area of York ever, it’s well worth a visit. 


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