Nivea In Shower Moisturiser Review

This is my personal review, no one asked me to write this, nor have I been sponsored. 

I heard about Nivea In Shower Moisturiser from Sali Hughes and I knew that at some point, I need to try this. Her recommendations are pretty bullet proof. 

Then about a month or so ago, I spotted it in Sainsbury’s on offer (not that it is an expensive product in the first place), so I decided to try it. 

For some reason, I had thought that it was a clever moisturising shower gel, but when I read the instructions, I twigged that it is a moisturiser that you use in the shower after showering. 

After showering as normal, you rub it in to your skin and then wash it off. It is so easy and quick to do. 

You may be thinking, but I already use a body moisturiser. If that works for you, that’s fine. I find that this is great, if you don’t have much time in the morning and don’t have time to wait for a moisturiser to sink in and not grease your clothes. 

On top of speed, it is a good moisturiser. I have a leaning towards dry skin and especially at this time of year, I find that my legs feel dry and itchy. Well, Nivea In Shower Mousturiser has done its job very well. It may not quite be like your favourite body moisturiser but I am really impressed with the job it does. It seems such an unassuming product too. It must be good, I’m already on my second bottle. 


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