The Egg Timer and a 3 Year Old

How do you get a 3 year old to understand time and speed up? Get an a traditional egg timer. 

This one is from good ole Wilko’s 

She loves to see if she can beat the sand grains and has even challenged me. It is a very useful trick, when we are in a rush and she isn’t playing ball. 


The Lazy Days Skirt – Easy dressmaking for kids

I am a wannabe crafty person. Most of the time, I’m not because I’m tired after work, and I don’t invest the time in it. Too much IPhone/iPad time. 

My sister gave me her sewing machine a few years ago. It’s not a great one or a brand that you can still buy but, it still works and is fine for my odd projects. It did her well, until she purchased a Janome. 

Yesterday, my daughter told me that she wanted to wear a twirly dress, after she had rejected my lovely choices. This made me think about the material that I had bought but not used, and Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt. Oliver + S are an American pattern company, who have put this free, easy pattern together. You can downloaded it from here

I set to work on this project after my daughter had gone to bed, and it took me just over 2 hours to complete. 

What makes this easy, is that there is no pattern to cut out and pin. You use the whole width of the material, and pull it in with the elastic. 

Then you get this for your efforts……Ta Dah!!!!

It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty pleased with my Saturday evening effort. 

Happy New Year – Now Let’s Declutter¬†

It’s amazing how much stuff we have. Some is just so hidden at the backs of cupboards, that I don’t know that I have actually got them. How much do I really need? How much better will I feel when it has been thrown away, sold, recycled or sent to a charity shop?

I started decluttering earlier this week, by going through my 3 year olds toys and books. Anything that has been unread or not played with recently because she has out grown them, has been sent to a local charity shop.  

The pile of toys to sort through. 

Today, whilst checking Facebook out, I came accross this decluttering challenge article in The Daily Telegraph. It takes my decluttering momentum and keeps it going. 

Now I usually don’t buy in to January challenges. Most you can’t keep up with, so start to feel bad very quickly. This has the potential to be completed, but if I only do 7 days of the challenge, then I will still have decluttered 28 things. Now that in itself would be positive. 

The challenge works by decluttering 1 item on day 1, 2 on day 2 etc. By day 31, 496 should have left your home for good and hopefully, gone to someone else’s home, where it will get loved, rather than forgotten about. 

For my day 1 decluttering, I threw away, an almost used bottle of  Shaving Spritz, that has sat in my shower shelf for too long. 

 Only fit for the bin. 

I will be posting on Twitter using the hashtag #30daygetchucked. 

Let’s see if I am up for the challenge, I may rope in hubby towards the end, as I need larger numbers of stuff to remove. 

Who wants to join me in this challenge?