Baking and Cooking with a Pre-Schooler

I remember my mum saying that I started helping her to bake, when I was so little, that I needed to stand on the kitchen ladder. Well this is what my daughter has been doing to. This a good family tradition to pass down.

I believe that starting baking and cooking with your children at home, will stand them in good stead for the future. Both my sister and I cook and bake regularly today.

Although, I’m no expert, but I sure it helps in some way to be more interested in food and a wider variety of food too.

My daughter started by helping to mix things, such a cream cheese and tinned salmon thing I make for our lunches sometimes (tinned salmon, mixed with cream cheese, lemon juice and black pepper – great to dip break sticks in, lovely on a toasted bagel or used as a pasta sauce). Then we progressed on to baking fairy cakes. She loves helping with the entire process, from putting the cake cases in the bun tray through to decorating them. She started baking at around 22 months old.

 Fairy cakes by a 22 month old 

We mainly bake fairy cakes, just changing the decoration slightly each time.


She helped with my last try at a loaf of bread but kneading got boring and took her interest away.

Last autumn, I purchased a child friendly knife. A good way for children to learn how to cut, without cutting themselves. 


It’s a Pampered Chef product but unfortunately, they have just pulled out of the U.K., after being here for many years. This from Lakeland is very similar.

She has recently started to want to help me chop up things. This is lovely. She can chop red pepper, mushrooms, and cucumber. She hasn’t perfected the technique yet, but as they say, practice makes perfect. It’s actually nice to have her helping me to make dinner too. She will also help to put things in pans etc too and stir things on the job, under my supervision. 

Like me, she now stands on our kitchen ladder to reach the work surface, wearing one of her own aprons, to be just like mummy. 

 baking. with. a 3. year old

Gingerbread men for Xmas 2015. 

Our latest foray in to cooking, has been making pizzas. I don’t have much success with yeast based doughs in my cold kitchen, so I decided to buy pizza dough from a brand called The Northern Dough Company. You get 2 balls of dough and each will make a 10/12 inch pizza base. It’s a freezer product, so you can always keep a packet in. I now have some stored, as we all though the product was excellent.

We made 1 x 12 inch, a smaller one and some dough balls. 

    She helped to roll out the dough. Cover them with passatta (mixed with black pepper and dried basil). 

    Sprinkle on grated mozzarella and each persons topping choice. 

    Delicious and a successful meal, that is all the better for helping to make it yourself. 

    However, you get your little ones into cooking and baking, do have a go. It’s fun, educational and tasty. Even, if you wish they wouldn’t help with the washing up, as we always end up with a river on our kitchen floor!