Some Sparkle and Strictly Ballroom the Musical 

The moment that I read that Strictly Ballroom was being turned in to a musical by West Yorkshire Playhouse (WYP) earlier this year, I was excited to say the least. One of my favourite films being turned in to a musical by the brilliant West Yorkshire Playhouse. 

Each Xmas, the WYP always put on a big show, more often than not a musical in the Quarry Theatre. Over recent years, I’ve seen Annie, White Christmas and Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. They are all shows produced by themselves, sometimes in conjunction with another U.K. theatre and always fantastic seasonal shows. We are so lucky to have a theatre putting on “new” productions. 

I would have bought tickets the moment that I saw it advertised, but managed to restrain myself. Quite quickly, it was decided that I would pay for and go with my sister. Could there be a better present for another fan of the 1992 film.

The 28th December arrived, not only was it time to get ready for my evening out, but it was the day that I got to see my sister again (she lives in Brighton, so we only get to see each other a few times a year). The pair of us had our glitter ready, shoes, tops, earrings. How could we not?! So much so, my 4 year old has to put her glitter shoes and cardigan on, to match us. (Sorry, but we forgot to take photos).

7.30pm arrived, the curtain rose – unusual in this modern day theatre and we were transported in to the world of Ballroom. None of it seems quite as other worldly these days, with BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing but boy did it take me back to the film. The WYP captured the film perfectly, gave it humour, great songs and found a perfect cast to represent their film oppos. The attention to detail, so that fans didn’t feel short changed, was fantastic and if ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Some of the audience gave it a standing ovation and it deserved it. I didn’t stand, doing my British reserved thing. 

We left feeling elated and buzzing, as any happy ending musical should do. 

A few days later, the film was shown on BBC 4. I watched it again and it really did remind me, how true to the film they stayed and how good the film is. I’m a bit of a Baz Luhrmann fan. 

If you like musicals and sparkle, you should give this a go before it ends. To end 2016, seeing something so upbeat and hopeful, was perfection. Hopefully, it will move to London. It deserves to. I’m even tempted to go to see it again, it really was that good.


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