Running – It’s Gotten To Me Already 

I am only on week 4 of my couch to 5k training plan (illness has slowed me down a bit), but I have already booked races. 

Not so silly really, it is definately easier to run when you have a goal in sight. The last time I ran, I did this, so that I could raise money for The British Heart Foundation. My dad had, had a heart by pass operation, so when I found out that they were putting on a race locally, I entered with my hubby, trained and ran 5k. The race spurred me on. That time, no running light was flicked on but I continued other fitness that I enjoyed. 

This time and following on from my hubby running 10k’s, I had decided that I would get to 10k and run 10k races. Then I watched “Mind Over Marathon” and was inspired by their stories and effort. When I saw that “The Big Half” was announced, I excitedly texted my hubby suggesting that we enter. I was surprised when he said yes, as 5 days earlier he said entering a Marathon would be madness, and how would I fit training in. I’m not sure that I really want to run a marathon. Certainly not yet. That evening, we entered. It’s a new half marathon by the London marathon organisers, which follows half of the London marathon route. It’s not till March 2018 but gives me the push to keep going with running. 

I should reach being able to run 5k in another 5 weeks, so between then and next March is quite a while. What will I do in between. I’ve already booked the “Big Fun Run” being held in Leeds in August. I’ll be running for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. It’s a 5k run, so I though that was a good start. Then I’m planning to do the “Abbey Dash” in November, a 10k race. I’d like to find another 10k race in Jan / early Feb. 

I’m enjoying running so far. I like the fact that I’m doing it and achieving it, but I am also enjoying the time to myself and listening to my music – although occasionally, I have to fast forward past a children’s song that pops up!

Will I get to a point when I think “I can’t do this”, at the moment I don’t know. I hope not, and I am sure the road to a 13 mile race, won’t be easy. I have colder days to come, when I realise that I won’t want to go running.  Hopefully, I will be spurred on by needing to complete a 13 mile race.  


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