Running – What’s Happened To Me?

I only put my my new running shoes on at the beginning of May and started run walking with my C25K app, and now I’m running on holiday. I’m doing this partly because I really want to, and partly from fear that a Week missed will set me back. 

Running earlyish in the morning (about 7.45am) is nice. It’s quiteish apart from other runners and walkers, but boy is it hard. Running in the heat has nearly finished me, but I ploughed on and achieved my goals. I had to accept that the heat would make me slower, and there is no point comparing myself to the faster runners that I could see. 

The best things about about holiday running are: the sunshine and blue skies, alongside running in different scenery. This is all followed by a fantastic sense of achievement. You feel so proud of what you have achieved. 

I’m not fast. I think that’s just me, but time will tell as I am relatively new to all this. There is no point comparing myself to others really. We’re all built differently, so how can I properly compare. I just need to make my own sensible goals and see if I can achieve them. 

I’m writing sitting by the pool where we are staying and running isn’t far from my mind (hubby and daughter are off playing on inflatables), I am reading “Your Pace or Mine” by Lisa Jackson. I’m throughly enjoying this book so far. It’s making great holiday reading and is inspiring. 

Next on my list, when I get home is to book two 10K races. Both to keep me going and motivated, but as part of my half marathon training. 

Currently, I haven’t thought beyond 4th Match and “The Big Half”. For now, that is enough. 

Now do I have enough kit? The sales are on………….


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