Childs Farm Moisturiser

The best way to control Eczema is to use an emollient – moisturiser to you and I! The tricky bit is finding a product that works for you, so that you don’t have resort to using a steroid cream, that thins the skin in the long run. .

Both my husband and I understand Eczema. We have it. Mine is much better since I became an adult, and I had hoped that my daughter would avoid this, after all I breastfed, but alas no. She suffers around her mouth, on her torso and hands. What I thought was a rash round her mouth, turned out to be Eczema – it looks different to the eczema I have had for years. When the allergy consultant, pointed this out – we were at the appointment for something else, I was a little surprised. “Do you have a moisturiser?” She asked. “Yes” I replied “Aveeno” We had been perscibed some, when my daughter was younger for a patch of Eczema on her legs.

Well Aveeno became one in a line we tried, as despite Aveeno being a Drs choice to prescribe for Eczema, and a lot of people saying positive things about it, my daughter had a reaction to it, alongside each subsequent one the dr prescribed. I even tried a Kiehl’s sample of a children’s moisturiser – reaction.

Back to the GP’s we went. A request for another allergy appointment was sent off. Then a few months later (it takes 6 months to get an allergy appointment in Leeds). It said, that she is likely to be a preservative allergy and to try an ointment based emollient. We did. I hated it – greasy hair, greasy clothes. However, hard I tried, I couldn’t stop the grease effect. I do appreciate the brilliance of ointments, after all, as a teenager an ointment steroid was the only one that worked for me.

I went looking again for moisturisers. I tried Lush’s Dream Cream. The one with out the preservative. This has lots of great reviews from eczema sufferers. I use it and also think it’s great. She reacted! Then I read great reviews about Childs Farm Moisturiser. By this stage, I just had to try it. The grease was really frustrating me!We already used Child Farms’ shampoo, bubble bath and soap. It wasn’t expensive, so was worth dropping in to my shopping basket for a try. To be honest, at this stage I wasn’t very optimistic.

A miracle happened. She doesn’t react to it. It does it’s moisturising job and her eczema has disappeared.

The dermatology dr that saw my daughter this week, could say nothing except, she sees this product a lot now and that it is highly perfumed. If you are perfume sensitive, then this may not be for you. My daughter can cope with perfume.

It’s not expensive, albeit costing me more than the free persecution, but this is a small price to pay. It’s full price is £3.99, you can often find it discounted though.

It’s recently been difficult to get, because of positive news articles. In my eyes, it deserves it’s praise, for being a product that works for some people with eczema, where others haven’t. I now keep a spare bottle in. Since using it, we haven’t needed to use the hydrocortisone cream either.

If you are struggling to find a moisturiser that works on your child or you, it would be worth trying this one.


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