4 Year Olds – I love this age

I have loved every age that my daughter has been. Watching her grow and develop has been amazing, although challenging at times too. It has thrilled me to see her learn something new, whether that was her first smile, clap, walking, talking or recognising things and everything else in between and still to come. Just the watching a human being develop is amazing and to think that she is my child too. 

Recently, I got to thinking that this is an awesome age. 

  • Communication is getting better, so conversations with her are better, more meaningful and interesting. 
  • Her world is great. Recently, she actually thought that Ocado just knew very cleverly to bring her favourite soup to us. 
  • She’s funny and is trying to tell jokes. It lovely to laugh with her. 
  • She can now count to 20 with out missing 12 and 13 out anymore. 
  • She’s helpful. Whether that’s laying the table, putting the odd dish in the sink, helping to tidy up, carrying a bag of shopping from the door to the kitchen. It’s a start!
  • Sometimes she’ll get dressed whilst I’m in the shower. The clothes have already been agreed on and are left on her bed. 
  • We can play board games together. 
  • She will ‘read’ to me. 
  • I get the best hugs. Sometimes a bit too tight for my liking!
  • Her drawing is getting better and better. I can almost recognise what she has drawn but an explanation is still needed sometimes. 
  • She makes up her own songs. 
  • We sing to songs on the radio together. 
  • We bake and cook together. Just like I used to do with my mummy. 
  • She can swim a swim lane width and remember to bob up for air. 
  • Starting to get the hang of pedaling her bike. 
  • She appears to be well liked at nursery. Always a pleasure for a parent to know that their children have friends – we bumped in to a friend at M&S, I had not heard of this girl, but her mummy said “She talks about her at home.” Aww. 
  • She is more willing to try new things these days. 
  • She has already started lying 😬 Welli, the soft toy moved some jigsaw pieces. This shouldn’t really amuse me. 

Now this is not one of those happy social media, everything is perfect in my world posts. She gets very stroppy when she’s tired. She thinks she knows best sometimes. She can be very stubborn when she wants to be. 

That said, it’s nice to remember all the great moments of an age, and to remember, when you have a challenging moment, that there are a lot of amazing, special moments in between. 


How to entertain a 10 year old, 7 year old and 17 month old

I was in Brighton visiting my sister and her family over half term week. I have done this for several years now and love looking after my two nephews and spending time with them. This year is more challenging as I have my 17 month old daughter in tow too. Plus my oldest nephew is now 10, almost 11. Entertaining three such wide age groups isn’t easy but not impossible. 


1.Homework- The first amazing thing that happened during this week was that my oldest nephew asked to do homework. Who would have thought this would ever happen.

2. 500 Words – We wrote stories for BBC Radio 2 500 words competition. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00rfvk1 This was done whilst my daughter played with a toy cooker and kept our appetites at bay whilst writing.

3. Board Games – It turns out that the game Pop Up Pirate, despite being for age 4 plus, was a hit for all 3 of them to play. At 17 months old, she needed assistance from me but all three were excited to see when the pirate would pop up.

4.Playing Together – My Nephews were happy to play with my daughter some of the time. It is lovely to watch them all playing together, reading books together and watching tv together. It was amazing to see my older nephew be so aware of her and stop her getting in to danger and realise he needed to turn the tv off from his computer games when she is around.

5. Parks – The park is always a winner. Something for every one in the playground. Swings for my daughter, climbing frame for the 8 year old, zip wire for the 10 year old and a merry go round for all of them.

6. A half Term Film – The cinema and the Lego Movie were a winner for the older boys when my husband was still there at the begining of the week to look after our daughter. Luckily, I can still find films to suit a 7 year old and 10 year old.

7. Lego Shop – Surprisingly, the Lego shop was a hit. My older nephew was looking for what he wanted for his birthday, whilst my daughter got to play with duplo.

8. Museums – The Brighton Toy Museum, despite being small, was a surprising hit with all of them. It would be best visited with a grandparent who remembers the toys from their child hood but we still were able to enjoy the museum, especially watching the trains go round.

9. Brighton Beach – Despite being cold this was a trip that we all enjoyed, except that my daughter was asleep by the time we got there. We threw stones in to the sea and played at the beach side playground.

10. A restaurant treat – Wagamamas was a hit with all three children.

If I go back for the Feb half term break next year, I may drive instead of go by train. Being able to leave Brighton and visit say a farm would have also been fun for everyone but despite being this I surprised myself in finding enough things to do that kept everyone happy.

I suppose the moral of the story should be nothing is impossible, just a challenge worth achieving.