The Wet Brush Review

Or how a brush revolutionised brushing my 4 year olds hair. 

I’d heard about this brush but I already owned a Tangle Teaser, so why would this be any better? Having spent day after day having painful hair brushing sessions with my daughter, I decided to get some new hair brushes with a Black Friday offer. 

This arrived, along with a Wet Brush comb and a Kent Bristle and Nylon Brush. 

Well of the three, The Wet Brush has been the big winner and given a thumbs up by me and the 4 year old. 

Hair brushing can never be entirely pain less, as there will be knots in longer hair from time to time, but I have genuinely been surprised at how good this brush is for both of us. Hair brushing has become such an easier task to do with the 4 year old, whether it’s brushing Wet or dry hair. 

My husband has been impressed with how the bristles have been engineered to just bend at the right time. It intreged the nerd in him, so he went off to read about it on the internet.

It’s so good that I use it too now and have just ordered another one for our swimming bag. This time we are going to try out the midi size.