Why I Have Been Quiet on My Blog – The Dreaded C Word

Whilst I have not been posting here, a lot has been going on in my life still. A 2-year-old alone is enough but add to that my news, I’m surprised I’ve kept my self together quite like I have.

In August/early September I started with some discomfort that led me to going to see my GP. She wasn’t happy with what she saw, so sent me to be looked as an emergency appointment under a microscope by a gynaecologist. Within a week I was being seen and being told that I had a prolapsed fibroid that needed removing under general anaesthetic. They took a biopsy but all looked ok and should be straightforward. “Phew”, I thought, as I knew my appointment was Cancer related from the info I had been sent. If the biopsy said anything different I would be contacted.

I had had fibroids removed 3 years earlier and knew I still had one left from pregnancy scans, so knew that as much as I didn’t want this, it was day surgery and I would be up and running shortly after.

Roll on 8th October – surgery is the day after my 42nd birthday. All done and dusted. Consultant happy, no follow up appointment required but they did say as standard they are sending what they remove to pathology.

On Friday 7th November, I receive a very strange phone call from the hospital saying that I need to come for an out patients appointment on Monday. I queried this saying I was told that I didn’t need one but the lady just said she was told to book me in. I was worried coming off the phone but not overly, naively as it turns out.

Monday 10th November, I meet Dr Dyanaana and a nurse called Alison Craven for the first time. Now I’m worried and I have come to this appointment alone as I wasn’t expecting to hear what they told me. My husband would’ve come but our daughter was napping, so we thought leave them at home. In a nutshell, Cancer had been found on the fibroid. Eek. That shocked me. It all seems like a blur now. I don’t know how I got myself home after phoning my husband and dad to tell them the news. A few tears were shed that evening.

This threw us, my family don’t do Cancer. We have heart conditions. The Dr did say that this Cancer (Cervical or Womb – still to be decided) is not hereditary. All I could think was how unfair this was at 42! I’ve still got a long life to lead. I want to grow old with my husband and see my daughter married and with grandchildren. This certainly put paid to any thought of siblings. Luckily, I have one daughter, not everyone with this diagnosis will be so fortunate.

I was booked in for an MRI scan. This would enable them to see what was going on and what surgery was required. Maybe I could get away with just my cervix removed or nothing else. Maybe I was kidding myself. I know that not everyone likes MRI scans but I had, had a head scan years ago and assumed I would be fine. Uh oh, after 5 minutes (I’m guessing) I asked to be taken out. Claustrophobia got the better of me. “Ok”, say the radiologists, after I tell them, that I can’t go back in, I’m not the only one ever not to like it. What I’m more upset by is that the Drs’ won’t have the best information on which to make decisions and that they won’t be able to discuss my case on Wednesday 26th November at their weekly group case discussions. I ring my nurse contact, who phones me back and says they’ll probably do a CT scan instead.

25th – CT scan done.

26th, case discussed. Dr Dyanaana phones me at work and tells me that the CT scan was no good as I moved! and in any event not the best for my diagnosis. Why did we bother? She is saying that I shouldn’t try another MRI scan as the radiologist who did it, said I’d have to be knocked out. The decision was to suggest a radical hysterectomy on 16th December. Wham! A lot to take in over the phone just before an annual budgets’ meeting.

5th December – Outpatient’s appointment and this time my husband is with me. Dr Dyanaana, a registrar and a nurse called Sadie join us. We go over everything again and more. I am told that the amount of cancer found in the fibroid means that I have to have a radical hysterectomy – this is where everything is removed plus lymph nodes. Pathology will take 2 weeks to look at everything afterwards (maybe longer as we have Xmas in there too). They will discuss me at the weekly meeting and then Dr Dyanaana will phone me with news, otherwise I will have a longer outpatients wait. I’m checked out and she thinks a bikini line cut should work. I’m made aware of the possible side effects and sign my consent form. She will only remove the ovaries if they look diseased.

Now I plan for the operation. Google points me in the direction of some good sites and I know what I need to buy for post op comfort – button front nighties, big knickers, comfy trousers, peppermint oil capsules. I enjoy shopping but I’d rather not be purchasing these items.

Work have been good and let me use my annual leave that I have left and then will pay me in full for two months. That is helpful, so I don’t have to worry too much financially. I even finished a week before the operation so that I could get prepared.

16th December – scary operation day. My husband comes with me and stays until I go to theatre. Thankfully I was first on the list that day but it is a 3-4 hour operation.

To be continued….