Running – The start of something?

I’ve been watching as more and more of the people I know have taken up running, many by starting with couch to 5k. I have run before. I trained with my hubby to do a 5k race with him for the British Heart Foundation about 13 years ago. Post this, I have run on a treadmill as part of a gym routine. I’m not a natural runner. I’m not a natural exerciser either, but I need to get fitter and do something that fits in with working, running a home and having a 4 year old. 

My hubby runs. Not regularly, but most years he spends several months training for a 10k race. I am lucky have someone at home for support and advice, although we can’t run together this time round, as someone needs to look after the 4 year old!

A few weeks ago, I made the final decision to go for it. Although eager to get going, I knew that I had to get running shoes first. A bit of online research and asking people who I know run led me to go to a shop that does gait analysis. They said that I over probate, which fits in with being flat footed, so I knew I wasn’t being conned. What I was shocked about, though, was the price of them. I’ve paid £115 for a pair of Saucony Omni 15. I wasn’t expecting to pay more than £60! I had good help and advice from Up and Running, so decided to buy these from them. Knowing what works for me now, I may be able to pick up bargains online next time. As they are good for 500 – 600 miles, that will be in quite a while. 

They took 3 weekends to buy, having tried one pair at home and not liking it, then the shop needed to order a different size in. It’s worth being sure you have bought the right ones though. 

I am lucky enough to already have suitable clothes. Clothes that I had bought for other exercise that I have previously done, but I soon realised that I need 3 outfits for 3 runs. Being a working mum, most of my washing gets done at the weekend. You have to make life as easy as possible and not let something as simple as this be the excuse for not running. 

Next was to choose an app, so that I have a training plan to follow. For me it came down to which one was free, as well as one that was good. I found one by Public Health England on the App Store that looked just the job. It is a 9 week programme, with running 3 days a week, with the days in between as rest days. You get to choose your celebrity trainer – I’ve chosen Jo Whiley to join me on my run. It works well. She motivates you and tells you when to run, when to walk without you having to remember what you need to do and when or keep looking at your watch. 

I have done 3 runs so far, only the beginning but so far I am super proud of myself – for starting and for achieving “runs”. 

I am not necessarily enjoying running yet, but I am enjoying having time to listen to music that is on my phone and the upbeat feeling you get at the end of a session. 

My next decision, is whether to sign up for a race.